Sunday, February 23, 2014

If you are on the search for a "Freedom of Action" Job in Coimbatore, You 're right here !!!

What is this Job about?

An Job with the freedom of Business nature timings. (i.e.) you don't need to abide the boring frustration of daily working hours with your employers. An permanent Job in which your monthly income will be Credited to your Bank Account, But you don't need to have to go to that Job all the days of the week. An Job of Challenge by which you can earn as much as you wanted every month, But not a limited or fixed one. And that too as a joint venture with an fully Government owned company. The organization is the prestigious "Life Insurance Corporation of India" and the career mentioned about here is an really interesting and an very well known, "LIC ADVISOR".

Top Reasons why you can consider of this wonderful business 

  • 1. Life Insurance Profession Is Considered Today as The Highest Paid Profession In The World
  • 2. Earning Opportunities: There is no restriction On the amount of Money that one can earn Even sky is not the limit
  • 3. •Only 20% of total agency force are working in a professional capacity. •These 20% account for more than 80% of total Life Insurance Business.
  • 4. People from all walks of life have entered this profession There are:- Doctors Engineers Chartered Accountants Share Brokers Lawyers Film Personalities Chief Executive Officer’s Businessman Housewives Students & many others…
  • 5. Just ask yourself….if….*Ritu Nanda (Raj Kapoor’s Daughter)*Mamta & Deepti Bhatnagar (Daughter of Industrialist)*Abhishek Bachhan (Son of Amitabh Bachhan)*Archana Bhalerao (Daughter of V.N. Gadgil)*Ragini Yadav (Daughter of Laluprasad Yadav) are agents of this corporation then how about you ?
  • 6. SUPPORT FROM OUR SIDE: We will provide you with world class training and support your need to make your career a success. Regular counselling & monitoring. Strong back office support. A pack of powerful products to cater to the needs of every individual. Encouragements through various Competitions & Rewards.
  • 7. Advantages over other professions: Start business of your own without Capital Investment. Freedom to set your own working hours. To be in a business that gets easier & less demanding as you grow old, compared to mounting pressures encountered in other businesses. No Compulsory Retirement. Commitment + Time Devoted = Results
  • 8. In India only 26% of Insurable population is insured till date. Balance 74% of Insurable population is yet to be insured. There is a vast Untapped market to explore.
  • 9. Attractive Commission Rates; Every time a Policyholder pays his instalment Premium, the Agent receives his Commission.
  • 10. You earn your own pension As years pass , the Renewal Commission starts building up, thereby assuring you a pension for the next 20 to 25 years & for Your generations to come. We INSURE And Also ASSURE
  • 11. This is the only profession where you are entitled for GRATUITY (Proportionate to your Commission earned)after completion of 15 years continuous agency or attaining age 60 years whichever is later, even though you are not an Employee of the Corporation
  • 12. Fringe benefits of club Membership Interest free advance for 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers. Internet free advance for purchase of personal Computer, Software, Laptop, Furniture, etc. Housing Loan at the rate of 5% p.a.  Free term Insurance up to 1.5 Lacs & 50% concession group mediclaim. Guest house facilities throughout India. Reimbursement of expenses on Stationary , Office , sales Promotion & Gift Items. And many other benefits.
  • 13. An Agent will get International Recognition by Qualifying for MDRT(Million Dollar Round Table) First Year Commission Rs. 7.6 Lacs COT(Court of the Table) First Year Commission Rs. 22.8 Lacs TOT(Top of the Tale) First Year commission Rs. 45.6 Lacs By getting qualified in any of the above category you Become a PROUD INDIAN to get RECOGNISEDINTERNATIONALLY & thus bring in pride to OUR COUNTRY
  • 14. Qualities you need to possess: Willingness to Share, Eagerness to build relationships, Power to grab Opportunities, Thirst for Knowledge, Quest for Self-improvement, Positive Attitude, Consistency & perseverance.
  • 15. Your role: To Identify Various Customer Needs. Suggest suitable Life Insurance Plans from a pack of powerful plans to satisfy those Needs. Encourage them to buy the products. PROVIDE EFFICIENT AFTER SALES SERVICE.
  • 16. There are only 4 Countries* in the world Whose population is larger than LIC’s customer-base! *LIC has more than 25crore customers; Only China , USA , Indonesia and of course, India have population of more than 25crore.
  • 17. We are NO.1 in Company in INDIA For generating the highest amount of Net Profit (Surplus) in India For being the highest Net worth in India. We are 2nd largest I.T. user company in India. LIC of India is the Pride of India. - Source Dun & Bradstreet India
  • 18. The Procedure to become A life Insurance Agent: Minimum age : 18yrs.Qualification : Old SSLC / HSC / Diploma Equivalent to HSC. Formal training for a period of 50 hours. Qualifying in the examination conducted by the Insurance Institute of India. Field training by Development Officer, Personal Interview, Issue of Licence by the I.R.D.A.
  • 19. Training & its Benefits› Effective Selling Skills ›Innovative Marketing Strategies ›Customised Training ›Goal Oriented Approach ›Through Knowledge of Products ›Enhanced Professionalism ›Ability to build long term Customer Relations ›Certificate issued by the Insurance Institute of India
  • 20. TEAM WORK Together Each one of us Achieve More
  • 21. Job opportunities@…..Earn Minimum Rs. 10,000@…..Spare Minimum 4 hrs.per Day@…..Excellent Brand Product@…..Household name in India@…..Excellent Advertisement Exp@…..Training & Marketing Support@…...Product fit for age 0 to 100@……National & International Award Winner@……Join With World class……. LIC@…… Coimbatore District.