Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great Parttime / Full Time Job vacancies at Coimbatore with excellent earning potential.

                      Life Insurance Agency with LIC of India, would be an reliable career full/part time for college Students, homemakers, and from freshers to retired persons who are all looking to Earn instant money. By getting into this magnificient career,
  1)You safeguard not only peoples money, but also 2) Get life time Income in a monthly basis.
3)No online / offline data entry work, No MLM: 4)Company owned fully by Govt. of India.
                       In the youtube video link given below, you will know, 1) Why Agency with LIC of India is the suitable full/part time business to start immediately (without any monetary investment) 2) How much commission you can Earn as LIC Advisor? Real Business Testimonials. 2) Contact Information for "LIC Agents Appointment & Training Centre" at Coimbatore.

Know about the Future Benefits of This wonderful profession:

Take a look at the future benefits .......

You are the boss

You decide your own working hours, you decide how much income you need, how many people you want to meet, how much money you want to earn.


Vast Untapped resources. With more and more business being created, the greater the need for life insurance. Every income earner knows the value of insurance. The market is there - all you need to do is to tap it in your own style and time.


Your work is of great value, not only to yorself, but to the nation as well. By channelising people's savings into development, you are promoting progress and prosperity of the nation. Success in your field will enhance your prestige in the eyes of those around you.


LIC agency - the best paying part time / full time job opening

Other forms of salesmanship offer only one commission on each sale. Here, subject to eligibility, you will get commission not only for the first premium but also for further renewal premium paid till end of the term of the policies. You are creating an income for your dependants also. ( Hereditary commission is payable ).


Your biggest asset: You are free to get along with people, listen to their problems and offer solutions to their personal financial needs through Life Insurance


You are guaranteed a substantial gratuity too - subject to fulfillment of certain conditions.
You are also eligible for free term assurance benefits. You are free from worries about financial security in your retirement although there is no retirement for an insurance agent.

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