Friday, July 16, 2010

Earn with Affiliate Marketing Network by Google

The ultimatum in Internet Money Making 
                          Affiliate Marketing is an online advertising scheme which enables an oppurtunity for website/blog publishers rewarded by the seller(advertiser of the product) for every sale completed online by the customer visiting through affiliate site link. Bloggers looking to make money thru' internet can affiliate sign-up and link products that are suited to the niche contents in their webpage.

Google's entry
                               Google entered Affiliate Marketing in the form of Pay-per-action by acquisition of Connect Commerce. If your site have a good visitor base, you can consider Google Affiliate Network(GAN) after having Adsense. In my opinion, GAN seems to change the buying patterns of online users particularly in India.

For Advertising your products or services
                        I am surprised, Currently GAN operates with US advertisers only and looking for new advertisers in India. For applying as advertisor in GAN, I studied the Entry Cost is around Rs.1,00,000 of which 50,000 is non-refundable deposit and the balance to be credited for your ad account. If you are interested, click here and fill out the Google Affiliate Network Advertiser Oppurtunities Inquiry Form.

For Website / Blog Owners
                                       For applying to Google Affiliate Network, as a publisher, you need to have a Adsense account.If you have one you can click here for Google Affiliate Network Sign-up. If you don't have a Adsense account,you have to sign-up for Adsense to start making money with your site.

Taste the real earning !!