Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Career with the Big Daddy in the Internet


Choose your career in I.T. with the BIG DADDY:

                Are you passionate in developing new applications that can enhance the lives of millions (even billion) of end user. Then you can look for an career opportunity in Google, for which I believe you would also agree with me on title phrase of the article “Big Daddy of the Internet” . Their Engineers design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and enhance the next generation technologies and software solutions. By the end of 2013, Google has acquired seven robotic companies with the envision of creating robots that can excel human intelligence.

Google looks for Arts and Management Graduates :

                    You may be feel doubted as what an arts or management would be doing in Google,an Internet Company. Please visit the joining Google Page. Google recruits all over the world including Indian cities Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon, New Delhi and Mumbai.

Career Opportunities for Students:

                   If you are inspired with your idea, you can look for Google student jobs page. Google now provides internship programs for students pursuing all kinds of degrees throughout the year.


You can get a lot of tips for preparing your resume/CV and also for attending the interview. Beware! Google doesn’t accept resumes from any of the recruitment agencies. It appoints you only for the real talent in you. Good Luck!!

An Excellent Opportunity with "Freedom of Action" for Graduate and Post-Graduate Student Community of Coimbatore, Erode, Tiruppur and Nilgiris. Know How to Earn while Learning.