Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life Insurance profession is an ideal one because……

• No other profession brings a person in contact with so many different types of people.
• In no other type of work is a person free to write his own cheque.
• There is no limit to earnings except the limit the person puts on himself.
• Success is not affected by the general law of supply and demand. The agent creates his own demand and fills it from an inexhaustible supply.
• Work done yesterday, last month, and last year increases the income today, tomorrow and through the coming years-not true of any other profession.
• Every time the agent makes a rupee as his earnings, he renders, valuable services to the country by sowing seeds of security that add happiness to his fellowmen.
• The passing years do not contain a menace. No life insurance sales person is side tracked in any way because of the age and never thrown into the ranks of unemployed.
• It is the best paid hard work in the world with no invested capital at risk, no perishable goods on hand and no overhead expenses to meet.
• It makes a person active, moving from place to place and naturally resulting in making the person master of both-health and wealth and also his own destiny.

If you find the above facts is what the thing you desire to be the ingredients of your dream career, than what are you waiting to happen?
Take the first step that would make your wishes to reality and make your dreams come true.
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